Mirr Oils

Mirr Oils

In 2007 the company to exclusive obtained from German Mirror German company for the distribution of oils and lubricants brand Mir of high quality, which include all types of oils and lubricants motor vehicles and heavy materials, machinery and engines, factories, work for the resettlement of manufacturing in Sudan and has a variety of motor oils.

Agency oils and lubricants Mir is committed to abide by Baltknlogia the most modern in the field of oil, grease, boasts Mir oils applied specifications and international standards on top of all that we have a quality organization monitoring system is well organized and well implemented to ensure a certain quality in every stage of production, inspection and testing and is in Laboratory well-equipped to make sure that the final product meets all international standards and specifications, which reflects the high level reached his oils Mir, whether in the field of production, packaging, or marketing, and is therefore a strong incentive to go to foreign markets and raise the level of their performance in order to obtain the trust of citizens and building a competitive advantage to enable them to compete with leading global companies in Sudan. The agency oils and lubricants Mir experienced team of qualified professionals ensure that well-qualified for the work to receive excellent technical support service and marketing, with products and services offered range.

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