Althuraya Tahnya

Althuraya Tahnya

It was created in 1922 with production capacity of 4 tons per day. In 2008, the factory was the development of a sophisticated and very modern mechanisms to reach production capacity of the plant to (8) tons per day, and the factory works Elia at all stages of production and plant produces various packages of (40 grams to 15 grams), and the factory also produces sweetness Prophet Mohammad’s birth, one of the high-quality varieties, the factory produces various packages for restaurants and home uses for external export The factory use finest sesame and maize to produce them and are packaging operations by personnel trained and qualified to work well and at a price in the hands of all citizens, committed to Thanih factory specifications and standards of high quality and our factory high degree of flexibility and rapid response to customer’s requirements and is considered customer satisfaction is the goal first and last tahini factory which aims to reach.

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